Electric High-Pressure Cleaners

STIHL portable cold water High-Pressure Cleaners remove even the most stubborn dirt, ideal for use around the property or for serious users. Buy Better with STIHL.

The range features robust design and technology features, including:

  1. Adjustable pressure / flow control on the machine
  2. Low-speed engine and robust brass pump head with ceramic pistons
  3. Automatic switch-off function and delayed engine shut-down




Petrol High-Pressure Cleaners

The NEW STIHL Petrol High-Pressure Cleaner range brings the power you need to make light work of creating spotless walls, paths, vehicles, tools and more. These cleaners are easy to use with features including the ergonomic professional wand, enabling you to adopt a more comfortable working position that makes cleaning less strenuous.



Real Dirty. STIHL Clean. Introducing the new STIHL petrol powered high-pressure cleaners.



High-Pressure Cleaner Accessories

Available accessories for the high-pressure cleaners create versatile solutions to make your work easier and extend the range of possible uses for special cleaning situations.

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

The range of STIHL Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners are easy to manoevre and perfect for removing dirt at home, in the workshop or for industrial use. A full range of accessories are also available to tailor the machine to fit the job.

Cleaning Products

The STIHL cleaning agents and maintenance products are designed specifically for use with STIHL high-pressure cleaners.