STIHL is the number one selling petrol chainsaw brand in the world. Why? Because they prove themselves day after day, year after year. Whether working deep in a forest, in a park, landscaping, contracting or in your own garden, a STIHL chainsaw will not let you down. With a full range of saws from lightweight all rounders, to powerful workhorses, there’s one for every job. And all combine STIHL’s legendary reliability with world-leading technology and operator comfort. A STIHL chainsaw will make it easier for many years to come.


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Battery Chainsaws

Our STIHL Battery Chainsaws are perfect for working in noise sensitive residential areas and around hospitals etc. The STIHL Battery chainsaws have outstanding cordless cutting power. They fulfil even the highest demands for performance and working comfort and is the perfect assistant for property maintenance, horticulture, cutting firewood and sawing work in enclosed areas.

See the STIHL battery range

Electric Chainsaws

Lightweight, convenient and reliable, this electric chainsaw gets the job done quickly and quietly. Offering excellent cutting performance, zero emissions and is comfortable, safe and easy to use. Great for cutting firewood, DIY or building jobs for work or around the home.

See the STIHL electric range

Homeowner Chainsaws

Ideal for property maintenance, pruning and firewood. These chainsaws combine high performance with optimal handling and set standards for ease of use. Selected models include comfort features such as Easy2Start for simplified starting, and tool-free Quick Chain Tensioning.

See the STIHL homeowner range

Landowner Chainsaws

STIHL chainsaws for commercial and farming applications are robust and powerful, with features that enable work to be done efficiently and effectively. Selected models include comfort features such as Easy2Start for simplified starting, and tool-free Quick Chain Tensioning.

See the STIHL Landowner range

Professional Chainsaws

STIHL professional and forestry chainsaws are essential tools, combining maximum power and minimum weight for unbeatable performance.

See the STIHL Professional range

Arborist Chainsaws

STIHL has developed special high-quality solutions for specific tasks, including lightweight and precise chainsaws for arborists.

See the STIHL Arborist Chainsaws range

Pole Pruners

STIHL Pole Pruners are ideal for tree maintenance. Thanks to their high torque, even thick branches can be cut effortlessly. Branches up to a height of approximately 5 metres are easily managed by our telescopic models.

See the STIHL Pole Pruners range

Oils, Lubricants and Fuels

STIHL premium engine oils get the best possible acceleration and service life from our engines. You’ll get optimal results with less emissions. Developed and formulated by STIHL for STIHL.

See the STIHL Oils & Fuel range

STIHL Hand Tools

STIHL hand tools are easy to grip, great to manoeuvre and still performs well after many years of use. Ergonomic design make them indispensable companions in the forest or garden.

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