When it comes to buying a new mower, the choice can feel as overwhelming as the overgrown yard you are trying to tackle. So many great brands on the market with so many different sizes, styles, features and even power options.

We sell lawn mowers in both battery and petrol models to suit all sized yards from STIHL – Rover – Victa


Give your lawn the care and attention it deserves with STIHL battery lawn mowers. Utilising STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries, eco-mode and efficient motors, STIHL mowers are ideal for small to large-sized lawns. Special high-lift blades ensure an attractive cutting pattern. The battery systems also works with a number of other STIHL battery tools including hedgers, brush cutters and more. Mulching kits can be fitted to further improve the condition of your grass.

About STIHL Lithium-Ion battery mower range.



For the perfect cut every time, you can’t go past Rover’s range of lawn mowers, designed and built for Australian conditions and including steel and alloy decks in a range of sizes, engine types and discharge options. All Rover rotary lawn mowers fitted with Rover engines come with a 5 year domestic warranty, giving you complete peace of mind. Safety is at the forefront of every mower we design with all Rover mowers fitted with Safe Stop technology, an innovative form of operator control.

About the ROVER walk behind mower range.



Sixty years of product quality and innovation is built into every Victa mower.
Petrol powered lawn mowers are available with 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines and come in a variety of engine sizes and power levels.

About the VICTA range of walk-behind mowers.



When it comes to buying a new mower, the choice can feel as overwhelming as the overgrown yard you are trying to tackle. So many great brands on the market with so many different sizes, styles, features and even power options.
No longer does it come down to just buying the best mower you can afford.
Here’s some key things to consider when looking to buy a new lawn mower.

How big is the area you are wanting to mow?

Whether you own a lawn large enough to house a small herd or one you can jump over, buying the right size lawn mower is key. A mower that is too big for the space will be hard to manoeuvre in tight spaces, but one that is too small will make the weekly mow a task of epic proportions.

Think about the size of your lawn. Think about how fast you want to get the job done. As a general rule;

  • Smaller lawns (up to 300m2): 40-46cm cutting width
  • Medium lawn (300-500m2): 35-40cm cutting width
  • Larger lawns (Over 500m2): over 50cm cutting width.

Once you get over 1000m2 you probably want to start looking at features like Self Propelled, Push Button Start or even a Ride On or Robotic Mower, to make you time even more enjoyable in your garden.

If you have a small to medium size lawn, battery powered lithium-ion mowers are a great option. No need to worry about fuel, just charge and go.

STIHL Battery Mowers

STIHL battery mower range now includes 7 different models with 2 self-propelled models for easier mowing.


Small petrol engines are generally either two-stroke or four-stroke. Two-stroke engines tend to be simpler in design and have fewer moving parts, so they can be both compact and reliable. However, typical two-stroke engines produce a great deal more pollution because they run on a blend of petrol and oil.

Four-stroke engines, while more complicated, run on ordinary unleaded petrol and so produce a lot less pollution.

Current emissions laws in Australia have phased out two-stroke engines that do not meet current emissions guidelines.

If you’ve got a beloved old two-stroke mower in your shed, you will still be able to keep it and use it. But when it’s time for a new one you’ll be replacing it with either 4-stroke or a lithium-ion battery mower.


Victa petrol mowers

Victa Ultimate MKD488 – a great range of Victa mowers for those who prefer a petrol mower.

For many people buying a lawn mower is a chore and tend to think buying as cheap as possible, but like buying any mechanical or electric device, buying quality nearly always pays dividends in the long run and if you judge your mower purely on price, you could be in for a very short and frustrating ownership period.

It may be tempting to try to save money by buying a mower with a less powerful engine. However, don’t forget that those few kilowatts or horsepower or whatever, could be the difference between a neat lawn and a burned out pile of metal in your garden. If you have grass that is thick or you intend to cut wet grass, you need a certain amount of power and you can seriously overburden your mower by trying to cut too much with too little juice.

Look at features, build, and guarantees and, do spend as much as you can afford on your mower and it will serve you well.