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Grass Trimmer, Brushcutter or Clearing Saw?

Do you know the different between a brushcutter, clearing saw and a grass trimmer? We often get asked this question. In short, you can run a range of different blades and attachments on a brushcutter, however there is a limitation as to what attachments you can fit to a grass trimmer

Brushcutters feature a straight drive shaft and a gearbox, so that more torque and power can reach the attachment that’s doing the cutting. Grass trimmers do not feature a gearbox and have a direct drive shaft. They aren’t the best tool of choice for tackling large areas or areas with heavy growth, however are perfect for mowing grass and light weeds around the garden.



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How to Increase your Curb Appeal

We have teamed up with Horticulturist Darren Kerr to bring you some quick and easy tips when it comes to revamping your front garden and increasing your home’s curb appeal.

Whether it be because you are selling, or just because you’re looking to tidy up, the front façade of your home, including your garden is the first thing people see when visiting and it leaves an impression.

When developing these tips and tricks, Darren wanted to ensure that all Australians would be able to apply them to their homes and really give their curb a facelift. We also wanted readers to be able to pick up the right STIHL tool from their local dealer and empower them to revamp their front gardens with the kind of power equipment that will make the task quicker and easier.

STIHL tools are renowned for their quality and top of the line German engineering, enabling you to transform your home’s curb-side into a lush and welcoming space but also have fun doing it with the right tools.