The garden should be a source of pride and an oasis of relaxation. It is also a piece of nature that needs to be cared for and managed effectively. This can be a fulfilling task for many amateur gardeners, when reliable tools are available to make gardening easier – such as a practical garden shredder.

Garden shredders are incredibly useful machines for several reasons: They tidy up waste such as lawn, tree and hedge cuttings, leaves and withered flowers. A shredder creates space and relieves you of bulky branches, bushy twigs and plant trimmings produced throughout each year. In the process, shredders significantly reduce the volume of the cuttings. These can then be more easily disposed of, or used as the basis for mulch or compost. In addition, a garden shredder provides valuable raw material.

The composted shredded material contains exactly the right balance of nutrients that your garden plants need in order to flourish. To aid this, the shredder’s blade systems shred the plant trimmings so finely that they quickly decompose to form high quality fertiliser.